Ivy had just spent thirty minutes tickling Catwoman's feet. But sadly, Catwoman's torture was far from over. The vines that were restraining Catwoman moved towards her wrists and ankles. They tied around her wrists and ankles tightly and then broke off. Catwoman was no longer suspended in the air, she fell to the ground with a large thud, she tried to get up but the vines around her hands and feet made that impossible.

Larger vines picked up Catwoman and followed Ivy with her. They came into a jail cell with large piles of dirt everywhere. The vines laid Catwoman down on a bed of dirt. The vines that cuffed her wrists and ankles retracted and let go. But before Catwoman could move, vines came from underneath the dirt and restrained her wrists and ankles. It was clear that the dirt would act as a torture rack for Catwoman to be restrained to. Then vines came out of the dirt that were covered in thorns. Catwoman knew that the tickle torture was a joke for what was coming. Catwoman stayed strong and prepared for the thorn vines to cut her.

The vines slowly approached her weak, defenseless body. Catwoman's jade-like green eyes glared at the thorn vines as the slowly approached her. The vines circled her and started whisking around her body. "Ahhhhhhhh...oh uh...What the hell?" said a now confused, but slightly relieved Catwoman. The vines had simply shredded through her clothes revealing her underwear. The vines hadn't left a single scratch on her skin. The only thing Catwoman was wearing now was her hat and underwear. While Catwoman was relieved, she was angry that the vines had ruined her very expensive leather suit. "Ivy, why did you cut through my clothes? They were very expensive!" yelled a now angry Catwoman.

Ivy mockingly replied, "Sorry but I had to get to that nice skin of yours. Wow, for someone who wears that big suit, you certainly can keep a beautiful tan!"

Catwoman, being angry, but flattered at the same time replied, "Ivy, I won't help you. Unless you let me go right now of course! Then I'll forgive you!"

Ivy replied, "You forgive me? You come into my home uninvited and you want to forgive me?"

Catwoman replied, "Well you did throw my favorite shoes into a hole and shredded up my very expensive suit!"

Ivy mockingly replied, "Eh I guess I'm sorry for that. But if you want to make up for your mistakes, how about you help me find the Batman so I don't have to torture you?"

Catwoman replied, "C'mon Ivy! Be reasonable, were both classy young ladies. Let's make a bargain!"

Ivy laughingly replied, "Sorry honey, it's not so simple!"

Catwoman's charisma wouldn't work on Ivy. Especially since Ivy knew all of Catwoman's tricks, Ivy also being a seductive temptress. "So Catwoman, I've grown a new type of plant which is perfect for pesky little prisoners like you!" said Ivy who was strangely excited to torture Catwoman. But then again, who wouldn't! Anyway, a plant next to Catwoman on the dirt bed leaned over Catwoman's exposed tummy. Small vines carried the last remains of Catwoman's leather suit off her bare skin. This plant had three mouth-like appendages, only each mouth didn't have teeth, just gums.

"So let me explain what this plant does. See those mouths on it? Well each mouth will seek out certain areas on your body." said Ivy, the plants were acting out as she explained their process. "The mouth will use its sticky lips to lock itself onto your skin," said Ivy. Catwoman noticed large sacks on the stems of the plant that were expanding. "Ah yes, the sacks will fill up with air over the course of about 5 to 10 seconds. Then, they will release that air," said Ivy as the plants shot air through their stems that entered the mouths of the plant and then onto Catwoman's tummy. Basically, each mouth gave her a big raspberry.

"Haaaaa hahaha! Oh god that tickles!" cried Catwoman.

"Oh and I forgot to mention, the air carriers lots of goo and slime with them! And trust me, in 30 minutes from now, your gonna be covered in their slime!" laughed a very happy Ivy.

The plants continued to give her raspberries. Every so often, they would change position. They started on her tummy, then they went to her thighs and butt. One mouth locked onto Catwoman's left, outer thigh. The other locked into Catwoman's right, inner thigh. The third mouth locked onto the bottom of the right side of her butt, which was partially exposed thanks to Catwoman's preference for small, lightweight underwear.

With each raspberry, came a loud scream followed by laughter from Catwoman. The green slime and goo from the raspberries on her tummy started forming pools beneath her torso. After a couple minutes of raspberries on Catwoman's thighs and butt, which proved to be very ticklish, the mouths moved down to Catwoman's ticklish feet. Catwoman's green eyes opened wide when the mouths locked onto her bare feet. One went on the toes of her right foot. The second went on the her left sole and the third went on the heel of her right foot. The soft and slimy gums of the mouths had caused Catwoman to smile and even giggle a little bit. It was game over when the raspberries would come.

Catwoman got ready for what could be some of the most brutal tickling she would ever experience. She saw the sacks fill up, her eyes widening as the sacks did. She made a tight fist and prepared for the raspberries. When the raspberries came, they were brutal. The first ones caused Catwoman to laugh hysterically. Getting raspberries every several seconds on her feet was torture. She laughed and laughed and laughed. After just a couple minutes tears came from her beautiful green eyes. She'd laughed to the point of tears. She struggled to catch her breath between the raspberries but the sensation would stay on her feet leaving her only 2 or 3 seconds too catch her breath.

Finally, after a grueling 30 minutes, the raspberries stopped and the plants retracted themselves. Oh wait, did I say 30 minutes? My mistake, I meant 20, it felt like 30 minutes to Catwoman but Ivy informed her that she still had 10 minutes before the tickling session was over. This was a major blow (pun intended) to Catwoman, even though each tickling session was only thirty minutes, she still had many more to go. And they felt like an eternity!

Ivy walked over towards Catwoman with an evil look on her face. She knelt down in front of Catwoman. She took off her worn-down sweatshirt and sat Indian style between Catwoman's legs. Catwoman glared at Ivy and Ivy smiled back. Ivy said, "You know, if you hair is half a beautiful as your body than it must be very beautiful! It's just a shame that your always covering it up! Let's see what I can do about it."

Ivy reached up and over Catwoman's restrained body and took off her hat and tossed it aside. She ran her hands through Catwoman's soft, black hair. "Oh my, I was most certainly right! Your hair is like that of a beautiful black stallions!" said Ivy.

Catwoman's hair was very nice, especially for someone who probably didn't use any conditioner. But despite Ivy's compliments, Catwoman spat all over Ivy's tummy, which was right in front of her face. Ivy mockingly said, "Oh my, look at you naughty girl! Well, I probably forgot to tell you but this is what happens when you spit on me!"

Ivy wiped the spit of her tummy using one finger. She used her spit-covered finger to gently probe Catwoman's exposed belly-button. "Hahaha! That...haha..feel so weird! Hehehe it tickles haha!" said Catwoman as Ivy probed Catwomans belly button.

When Ivy was finished, she leaned down above Catwoman's tummy and blew a raspberry. The ticklish, vibrating sensation caused Catwoman to yell out with laughter. Then Ivy tickled her tummy by dragging her long finger nails up and down the length of her tummy, the same way she tickled Catwoman's feet earlier. Catwoman was laughing and giggling as Ivy scratched and stroked her exposed tummy. This went on for 10 more minutes. The session was finally over.

Catwoman just laid back on the dirt bed and enjoyed not being tickled. She enjoyed taking full and complete breaths that weren't interrupted by forced laughter. Ivy said that they were done with that day's torture. Catwoman could sleep for the rest of the night. Ivy walked out of the cell, and the vines that were holding Catwoman down retracted back into the dirt. Catwoman noticed a bed in the corner of the room. On it, a blanket, pillow, plate with food, and a couple bottles of water. Catwoman drank all the water and ate all the food before falling asleep. While laid in her bed, she felt a little turned on by the whole thing. While the tickling was brutal she kinda liked it. Sadly for Catwoman, she wouldn't be saying that the next couple days.

To be continued...